If you don’t know, ask!

And if she doesn’t know, try it different ways. Then you’ll learn together what she prefers.

A tipped uterus can make certain positions painful

Don’t assume that because your last partner loved rear entry, your next one will. Some positions will feel more comfortable for a woman depending on whether her uterus is “normal” or “tipped.” (more…)

Your seminal vesicles hard at work

The seminal vesicles are located inside the pelvis, above the prostate.

A woman’s fascinating response from our sex survey

We support Boots on the Ground!

Highly effective, hassle free birth control!

IUDs are great for teenagers and young women. No pills to remember (or forget). IUDs are usually very safe, easily removable, and more effective than the pill. Women rate them very highly for user satisfaction.

Campus life

Cleanliness is next to godliness.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy sex without having intercourse

Not the same tissue!

The hood of the clitoris and labia minora look like they are made from the same tissue, but they aren’t.

Same Tissue: Clitoral Hood and Foreskin of the Penis

It makes sense that these two structures are made from the same tissue.

Same Tissue: Labia Minora and Head of the Penis

Most people don’t know that the inner lips and head of the penis are made from the same tissue.

The Tumblr Superstar Image Club

Is there any way to predict which images will become hits on Tumblr?

Happy Halloween!

There’s more to the clitoris than meets the eye

All of these structures are sexually reactive, which means they fill with blood when a woman is sexually aroused. This is one reason why it’s so important for lovers to explore and give each other feedback.

This is something you’ll never appreciate if your source of sex ed is porn.


How much do breasts weigh?

It’s okay to look…

Looking hot does not mean “I want to have sex with you,” unless a woman specifically says so.

Time for a study break!

He’s a wonderful lover because…

She says nothing about his penis. How un-porn like of her!

Kiss of the week!

Have a happy Hump Day!

Normal penis size

The 1970s… Before men became too homophobic or self-conscious to shower together.

With their mutton chop sideburns, some wore leisure suits, and most wore bell bottoms.

Don’t forget the condoms!

Whiskey Dick, is it real?

It takes way more alcohol to keep a good dick down than was previously thought. (more…)

Semen volume?

Relationship advice…

Gross question of the week…

GROSS QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  My boyfriend loves to give me oral sex when I’m having my period. (No vampire jokes, please!) Is this normal? Is it safe for him?


It’s okay to tell him ‘No’

It’s another Wednesday!

For a brighter morning, improve your angle the night before

Join the national crusade! (A pillow under the woman’s rear can also improve the angle.)

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