There’s way more to the clitoris than meets the eye

All of these structures are sexually reactive, which means they fill with blood when a woman is sexually aroused. This is one reason why it’s so important for lovers to explore and give each other feedback.

This is something you’ll never appreciate if your source of sex ed is porn.


A more common complaint than you might think

There is hope! With plenty of feedback and a willingness to explore…

Man with raised clenched fist and caption "I found her clitoris"


How much do breasts weigh?

Why sex ed?

You may only have one partner or fifty. You may have Tinder-sex and Mixxxer-sex, or you may decide to wait until you are married.

Our job is not to judge you, but to help you be smarter about sex and to feel more comfortable talking to your partner(s) about sex—and the feelings that surround it.

It’s okay to look…

Looking hot does not mean “I want to have sex with you,” unless a woman specifically says so.

Time for a study break!

He’s a wonderful lover because of his fingers, mouth, personality, and desire to please her

She says nothing about his penis. How un-porn like of her!

Kiss of the week!

Have a happy Hump Day!

Normal penis size

Men from the ’70s… With their mutton chop sideburns, you can bet some wore leisure suits, and most wore bell bottoms.

Don’t forget the condoms!

Whiskey Dick, is it real?

It takes way more alcohol to keep a good dick down than was previously thought. (more…)

Semen volume?

Relationship advice…

Gross question of the week…

GROSS QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  My boyfriend loves to give me oral sex when I’m having my period. (No vampire jokes, please!) Is this normal? Is it safe for him?


It’s okay to tell him ‘No’

It’s Hump Day!

For a brighter morning, improve your angle the night before

Join the national crusade!

No pills, and nothing to remember or forget

Your girlfriend’s uterus, vagina and bladder, courtesy of the TSA

Transportation Security Administration imaging information. image of a TSA airport scanner

Enough with the anal sex obsession!

How warm and cold impact the scrotum

It’s the cremaster and dartos muscles that cause the testicles to raise and lower. See this post for an explanation of how they work.

Images from WikiMedia Commons.

Watch your boyfriend’s testicles raise up when you caress his inner thighs

Testicles move closer to the body when they are too cold, and further from the body when they are too warm. They also move closer to the body when a man ejaculates. In some men, they move so close to the body during ejaculation that they almost seem to disappear.

There are two different muscle groups that help raise and lower the testicles: the cremaster (skeletal muscle) and the dartos (smooth muscle).


It’s warm, wet and usually private…

We make assumptions about men that we don’t about women

Keepin’ it mutual is always best

Facts about women’s breasts you might not be aware of

More than 90% of women have breasts that are asymmetrical. It is usually the left breast that’s larger. In almost 25% of women, the larger breast is at least one cup size bigger than the other breast. This would be one reason why bra shopping can be a challenge.

See you Monday!

Don’t forget the condoms!

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