How to Enjoy Sex with Watching Sex Videos

How to Enjoy Sex with Watching Sex Videos

Better Orgasms with Anal Sex Toys

You’d like to try anal sex with your girlfriend, but you do not understand how she might respond to such an idea. The dilemma is that many women are curious or converse about anal sex. Still, they are too scared to try it due to possible discomfort, safety issues or previous bad experiences. She might have had a dumb partner earlier. Perhaps she had anal, and it had been one of her worst, most painful sexual experiences. Instead of asking directly, the right approach is to make her desire to try anal sex by herself.

From a scientific point of view, anal sex is enjoyable for women because of concentrated nerve endings around the anus and across the anus walls. Use this information to your advantage in arousing your woman. The very best way to influence your lady to try sex videos anal is by presenting her to pleasure through anal play. Getting her used to anal play will gradually let her unwind and make her more open to the idea of anal sex. Each time, she’ll permit you to play her buttocks’ a bit more, finally getting to complete anal penetration once the time is correct and the two of you are ready.

 Pleasures of Anal Sex for the First Time

  • The trick to this approach is to associate anal stimulation with sexual enjoyment. The best time to do so is to eat out her or at the center of the intercourse when she’s turned onto the most. Squeeze her butt cheeks and wander together with your palms around her crack. While moving down on her, then try pushing her knees upward toward her face and run your tongue as close to her anus because it is comfortable for both of you.
  • Keep an eye on her behavior; if she seems as though what you are doing is arousing her, continue doing it. On the other hand, if she starts backing off, slow down a little. Try next time, and she needs to be more comfortable. Repeat this over and over until tender rimming becomes a regular part of foreplay/sex.
  • If you are getting positive comments from your lady, the next time you go down on her, lube up and lightly brush your finger over her anus, then circle it and look for a response. If she responds positively, continue. In case she backs off, it gets back to arousing her in other ways. Act as nothing happened. Proceed to massage her crack while giving her mind. From the sex videos moment you start playing with your finger, she should be dripping wet and much more receptive to trying dirty stuff’. You mustn’t penetrate her till you receive some more positive comments.

When you get to the stage that she enjoys and can be turned on by anal play, you’re simply a step from anal intercourse. Go at your own pace, and be patient. After a while, progressing from anal play to anal sex will be a logical next step’.


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